Welcome To Noc’s Box!

Noc’s Box  is a friendly local gaming store , stocking a wide variety of board games, card games and miniature games.

There are a range of different clubs running throughout the week as follows:

Monday Night Malifaux: 7pm-10pm (details on club page)

Tuesday Night Gaming: 6pm-10pm (details on club page)

Wednesday Junior D&D: 4.45pm-6pm (details on club page)

Friday Night Magic: 6pm-9pm (details on club page)


The Shop itself is open as follows:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10am – 6pm

Wednesday: 10am – 6pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: CLOSED


Noc’s Box is a great place for people of all ages, genders and types to come and make friends and socialise.


Specialising in:- Card, Miniature, Board Games and role play


Your one stop community for all your gaming needs!



Noc’s Box, 3 Nightingale Walk, Blandford DT11 7ED

01258 480218

07815 951095




Whether you have Asperger’s, Autism or any other Social Anxiety problems, Noc’s Box has a place for you!