relic knights

After “Cordial-Rob” brought in his amazing Relic Knight figures from the kickstarter, we had an influx of people requesting them! So I am pleased to announce that the first batch arrived this morning and are on the shelves ready and waiting!!!




Legend of the Five Rings is the latest card game to hit the Noc’s Box store, we managed to get hold of a very limited number of starter decks for this amazing game and they sold out within 2 days! Well, we are pleased to announce that we have a full restock due in the next couple of days with starter decks for all 9 Clans! Anyone that hasn’t tried this game out and fancies learning it should come down on Sunday the 5th of October when “Gangster-James” (the latest addition to the Noc’s Box team) will be running starter games all day!


Finally, we have had an outstanding response to the painting competition, with plenty of people coming in and requesting figures. We’ve even had the first entry appear in the display case already! So don’t forget guys, the official deadline is 11am Saturday the 4th of October!


To go alongside the painting competition, there is a raffle in store with tickets every time you make a purchase, the grand drawing for prizes will be at 3 o-clock Saturday the 4th of October, so keep hold of your tickets and we will see you then!


Have a great week guys!