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  Terminator Genisys from Alessio Calvatore and the guys at Riverhorse have been working on the game for a long time and it’s finally hit the shelves!   We have an open demo copy in the shop which is having paint flung at it as I type, so come on in and try out this […]

After “Cordial-Rob” brought in his amazing Relic Knight figures from the kickstarter, we had an influx of people requesting them! So I am pleased to announce that the first batch arrived this morning and are on the shelves ready and waiting!!!     Legend of the Five Rings is the latest card game to hit […]

Hey guys! If you havent checked out the latest Noc’s Box video, you should….   The figures are available in store now for just £5, you will have 2 and a half weeks to paint the figures for judging to start on the 3rd of October with results on saturday the 4th!   First prize […]